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Full-automatic solution for linear small packaging


Full-automatic solution for linear small packaging


Measurement parameters:

Packing speed: 1000-1300 bags / hour

Weighing range: 2-5 kg

Accuracy: X (0.2)

Feeding port size: ¢ 150mm

Working environment: -10-40 ℃, relative humidity ≤90%

Power supply: AC380V + 10%, 220V + 5%, 50Hz;

Stand-alone power: 2KW

Applicable scope: seed, grain, rice, feed, chemical and other granular materials

Suitable pockets: woven bags with film, polyethylene and polyethylene composite bags, kraft paper bags, aluminum foil bags, etc., bag length 250-400, bag width 230-400mm.



Advantages: SDJ5 bag-loading machine uses the characteristics of mechanical statics, kinematics and packaging industry requirements, combined with modern control technology and devices, to independently develop a high-performance automatic bag-loading system; the entire system does not require manual operation, and has a high degree of intelligence Weighing accuracy is stable, reliable, and strong anti-interference; it has the obvious advantages of flat and beautiful packaging, no broken bags, no waste, and adapt to a variety of material pockets; the company has all intellectual property rights and obtained national patents.

Product structure: With the DCS5Q-2 or 5Q-4 intelligent computer quantitative measuring scale independently developed by our company, it can form a fully automatic quantitative packaging production line with automatic opening, bagging, quantitative, filling, sealing (sealing or heat sealing), and output finished products. 

Free supporting: according to customer needs, freely choose elevator, air compressor, dust collector, checkweigher, inkjet printer, bag separator, etc.

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