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Roll film small package automatic solution


Roll film small package automatic solution


Four-head high-speed computer quantitative packing scale (standard, cold-resistant)

Measurement parameters:

Model: DCS1-4, DCS2.5Q-4, DCS5Q-4

Weighing range: 0.4 ~ 1kg, 0.5 ~ 2.5kg, 2 ~ 5kg (recommended)

Packing speed: 1200-2400 bags / hour

Accuracy: X (0.2)

Power supply: AC220V / 380V, 50Hz

Radon gas source pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 2 m3 / min

Applicable materials: seeds, fodder, seeds, rice, plastic granules, grains, miscellaneous grains, sugar, puffed food, washing powder and other flowable granular materials or general flowable sheet materials

Structural features: Feeding method combining adjustable pneumatic valve and vibrating feeding, four-scale structure, accurate and high speed.

Basic configuration: Weighing controller: All hardware is imported configuration, American A / D converter, Japanese Panasonic optical relay; software part computer software control technology, independently developed, with all independent intellectual property rights

Weighing sensor: low temperature compensation to -30 ℃, customized production in the United States, produced by Knight

Cylinder solenoid valve: Taiwan Yadeke, WPI


The advantages of quantitative packaging scale:

1. High precision: We are the highest in the industry.

2.Fast speed: Our high-speed four-scale is equivalent to the speed of other peers' six-scale.

3. Independence: It has four independent weighing systems and four anti-interference technologies. In the weighing process, if a certain weighing unit has a problem, other scales can work normally, while the peer manufacturers basically use multiple scales to share a control operation panel. If a certain weighing unit fails, other scales will be affected at the same time. The entire system crashed, causing the entire production line to stop.

4. Low-temperature-resistant load cell: The only one among domestic counterparts with specially customized low-temperature compensation to -30 ℃ (national standard -10 ℃), which guarantees excellent linear output in cold regions.


Industry experience:

1. 21 years of professional experience in weighing, weighing and packaging

2. GB / T 27738-2011 Gravity Automatic Loading Weighing Apparatus (Quantitative Packaging Scale) National Standard Participating Drafting Unit

3. The company is Jiangsu Intelligent Weighing System Engineering Technology Research Center

4. "Gravity-type automatic loading weighing device" (quantitative packaging scales) national vocational education training elementary, intermediate and advanced textbook editor.


Roll film packaging machine (standard, cold-resistant)

Model: NTBM-500, 620, 800

Material of the host: Optional stainless steel or full stainless steel

Packing capacity: 20-60 bags / min

Bag making size: Bag making length: 100-300 (350) mm, 100-380mm, 100-480mm

Bag width: 80-240mm, 110-300mm, 160-385mm

Packing machine accessories: sponge exhaust device-squeeze air from the bag

Carrying bag support device-a device installed under the horizontal seal to support overweight materials.


Anti-clamping device-buffer material

Safety device—Once the door of the packaging machine is opened during operation, the operation stops immediately.

Main configuration: Imported Mitsubishi PLC control, Taiwan Weilun touch screen operation, Japanese Panasonic servo system, German Shike Optoelectronics, imported electrical components, Japanese SMC solenoid valve and cylinder, reducer plus antifreeze lubricant, air control box special cold-resistant heating device .


Packaging machine product advantages:

1. If there is any abnormality in the roll film packaging machine during work, the equipment will alarm and stop automatically (such as clamping, no ribbon, broken bag, etc.), which can reduce the waste of roll material. Reach unattended.

2. The film pulling machine of the roll film packaging machine uses one motor with two speed reducers. This can improve the synchronization of the film pulling and reduce the phenomenon of deviation.

3. A bag supporting mechanism is added under the packaging machine of the roll film machine, which can reduce the number of broken bags.

4. The roll film packaging machine adopts three-sided back-seal bag-making form, high-precision intelligent temperature controller; horizontal seal is equipped with cooling device.

5. The control power of our scale and film rolling machine are isolated from each other to reduce equipment interference. The two signals are handshake signals, which enhances the reliability of the device.

6. The controllers of our packaging scales are independent of each other. Once there is a problem, the entire production line will not work.

7. Fragmented packages. The above measures are to ensure that the packaging machine breaks packages in the packaging process. Other manufacturers in the industry can't do as well as ours.

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