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DCS50PDComputer quantitative packaging scale (micro scale)


DCS50PDComputer quantitative packaging scale (micro scale)


Scope: both for good mobility granular materials can also be used mobility in general but the viscosity little powdered materials such as extruded fish feed, animal feed, concentrates, wheat bran, rice bran and other measurement parameters:

Weighing range: 20 ~ 50Kg

Packing speed :360-550 bags / hour

Measurement accuracy: 0.2% (FS)

Host power: 2.2KW

Power supply: 380 ± 10%, 220 ± 10% 50Hz

Air pressure: 0.6 MPa


Main components:

⑴ silo ⑵ feeding device ⑶ electronic scales ⑷ folder bag device ⑸ air control system ⑹ total control cabinet


Structural features:

⑴. silo: for the storage of materials.

⑵. feeding device: This device uses a motor driven belt and cylinder driven simultaneously control the thickness of the radial gate feeding, when a measurement starts, arc door fully open, the motor drive belt for coarse feed, when weighing up the crude material to the bucket feeding the set value, the motor frequency, slower belt speed, this is the fine feed, when the scale of the material in the bucket reaches the set value package, the belt stops, arc, the door is completely closed, the end of a weighing.

⑶. electronic scales: The device uses three sensor structure, reducing the partial load. Scale barrel round, using internal door structure, with a soft connection with feeding device and clip bag device is connected, dustproof effect is very good, and the material is completely isolated from the cylinder to improve life.

⑷. bags folder: folder bag parts adopt double cylinder. And leaving dust interface.

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