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Ge Huijun, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Governor, carefully studied the "Soil Test Formula Fertilization Recommendation Card" printed out by the fertilizer system
Huang Lixin, the Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province, is visiting our company's PCS25BB-3 soil testing formula and intelligent fertilizer distribution system
2010 Information and Modern Agriculture Expo
Release time:
2013-08-07 11:18
Nie Zhenbang, director of the State Grain Bureau, visited the booth of Knight and gave a high evaluation of Knight products
Fan Xiaojian, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and other leaders fully recognized the contribution of Knight in the seed processing business
Vice Premier Hui Liangyu and other leaders inspected the company's scientific research center
Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor Lu Zushan is visiting our company
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2016 Feed Industry Exhibition --- ten miles of spring breeze, Knight has been waiting for you
Vietnam customer inspection delegation visits Net
Naite Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. raises the banner of the era of Industry 4.0 again!
Sack robot industry 4.0
Warm congratulations to the successful success of the 2014 Nanning Fertilizer Trade Fair