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Pre-sales guidance

Pre-sales guidance

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1、How to choose the computerized weighing scale
①. Company Qualification ②.Weighing Range ③.Accuracy ④.Packing Speed ⑤.Operation Interface ⑥. Product Performance ⑦. After-sale Service

2、Material Characteristic Form
Material name __________ 、__________ 、__________、__________ 、__________、
Weighing range __________ kg、__________kg、__________kg、__________kg、__________kg、
Accuracy 0.2grade□ ±0.2%□ ±0.5%□ ±1%□   other__________
Packing speed __________ bag/hour or__________bag/minute
Working time __________hour/day __________day/year
Appearance grannual material□ powder□ grannual material/powder mixer□ lump□ flake□ Paste□ other__________     
Granularity __________Mesh Count __________mm other_____________
bulk density _________ kg/L or __________ton/cube
angle of material stack _________ degree(vertical angles of isoceles triangle when material stacked)
Fluidity good□    common□   bad□
Type of bag woven bag□ paper bag□ jute bag□ have internal plastic bag or not: yes□ No□
sealing way of internal plastic bag:tied with cord□ thermal sealing□
Size of bag _____mm(length,vertical direction)×_____mm(width,horizontal direction)×_____mm(thickness,front to back,M type bag are applicable)
Shape of bag valve mouthed 口 open mouthed 口 (M type □ Pillow type □ other__________;the biggest thickness of sealing part of bag mm )
Machine material Required common carbon steel□ stainless steel on the contacted part with material□ all stainless steel□(304□316□316L□)other_____
allowed for
installation place
length mm;width mm;height mm your suggestion:
Scale Body Installation requirement platform: seller provide 口 buyer provide 口
Environmental Situation normal temperature(-10~+40℃)□ high temperature(>40℃)□ severe cold(<-10℃)□ outdoor □ other_____
have vibration 口 have disturbance of electromagnetic field 口 have causticity 口 explosion prevention 口
Material characteristic
(Powder, special material and chemical raw material are applicable)
water content no water□  little water□   much water□
air content common□ much air□
viscosity no□ weak□ strong□
causticity no□ weak□ strong□
water absorption no□ weak□ strong□
condensation no□ long time□ short time□
combustibility nonflammable□ flammable□ easily flammable□
melting temperature don't melt on normal temperature□ melting temperature 50℃□ melting temperatur 100℃□
adsorptivity yes□ no□ sticky after absorption□
toxicity no□ weak□ strong□
static yes 口 no 口
material temperature normal temperature 口 high temperature 口 other 口
Matching equipment 1.conveyor:need 口 don't need 口
2.sewing machine:need 口 (semi-automatic 口 full automatic 口) don't need 口
3.elevator: need 口 don't need 口
4.Thermal sealing machine: need 口 don't need 口
5.air compressor: need 口 don't need 口
Buyer:    Seller: Wuxi Naite Electromechanical Integrating Technology Co., Ltd.
Director:   Director:  
Date:   Date:  
Note: This material characteristic form have same legal force and effect as in the Contract.


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