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Company profile

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Wuxi Naite Electromechanical Integrating Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in June 1994 and located in Wuxi National High-tech Development District, is a high-tech enterprise and software company for full range of weighing and packaging production line solutions, and R & D, production, sales and services on automatic quantitative packaging and batching equipment. The Company is one of main drafting units of the national standards Automatic Gravity Type Batching And Weighing Apparatus and Automatic Gravity Type Loading and Weighing Apparatus, and the deputy director of Weights and Measures Association of China and the editing unit of the primary, intermediate and advanced textbooks of national occupational qualification training courses Assembling and Commissioning Operators of Weighing Machine.

The company takes enterprise value of "Lasting, persistent an innovative" and the development idea to construct Naite into the world famous brand of weighing apparatus. With weighing technology as the core, modern robot technology as a link, automation as the main line of development, the Company developed independently quantitative scale, batching scale (containing fertilizer batching machine), full automatic bag loading machine, robot palletizer, weight checking machine, flow rate scale, film winding machine and other full range of automatic products. The Company owns nearly a hundred independent intellectual property rights and a variety of weighing control software copyrights, and gets CMMI3 software international certificate, license for manufacturing measuring instrument of the People's Republic of China, Jiangsu intelligent weighing system engineering technical center, ISO9001-2008 quality control system and other qualification.

After twenty years of unremitting efforts, the Company realized a strategic transformation from single quantitative packaging scales to fully automatic packaging production lines, provided the system solutions on the automatic quantitative packaging production lines and the batching production lines as the core products, including automatic bag loading (including bag making), high speed accurate measurement, sorting, shaping, stacking (or second bagging) and stack wrapping and others. There are more than 200 employees at present, in which: senior engineers, doctors, masters and other professional people take about 35% of total employees. The annual production output is more than 2000 sets of equipment.

The products are used widely in the industries of seed, livestock feed, fertilizer, grain, chemical, plastic, medicine, food, flavoring and so on. Naite products, with the high starting point of technology innovation, high quality workmanship, quality products and services, are praised widely by the users, used by the enterprises in 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions all over the country, and exported to Europe, the United States, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia, made some contributions to the technological progress of the industry and economic construction of the country.



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